Alas... Alas, Alas

chronicles of an angsty mama

Genevieve D'Aubigne
Alas, I am a widow, mourning my poor deceased husband. It's been years, of course, but the loss is still as if he died yesterday.

But I shall not weep! I am left with two daughters and a stepdaughter, and I must go on for them. I do wish Abigail would not associate with such utter hooligans, Eleanore is a bit too obsessed with cleanliness, and Catherine spends so much time painting that she has just now started looking for a suitor. But I must play my role as mother and guide them along the correct path, as utterly trying as that may sometimes be.

Life would be quite a bit easier were I to find another husband. I feel in my soul that my poor, dear, deceased former husband would wish me nothing but the best.

[RP journal for unembellished -- real journal: taerir]